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Supporting the Baton Rouge Basketball and Volleyball Association

Fidelity Bank Sportsplex Expansion Fund

At the Baton Rouge Basketball & Volleyball Association (BRBVA)/Fidelity Bank Sportsplex, we seek to provide the opportunity for the youth and adults of Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities to come together in fellowship, using athletics as the foundation. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where people of all different ages and backgrounds can benefit from physical development in the sports of basketball, volleyball and other recreational activities, therefore creating a stronger bond in our community. Instilling confidence, character, discipline, and a strong work ethic in the young men and women of our community is our organization's primary mission.


Since opening in 2012, Fidelity Bank Sportsplex has grown from serving 1,200 program participants a year, to over 2,500 youth annually in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Along with youth participants, Fidelity Bank Sportsplex also served over 190 teams and over 23,000 spectators in the last year alone.

Due to the overwhelming demand for youth and adult programming, events, and tournaments, it has become Fidelity Bank Sportsplex's goal to expand these offerings. Through our Annual Fund and from generous support from our donors, it is our hope to be able to expand our facility and offer an additional three courts at Fidelity Bank Sportsplex.

Send a Kid to Camp Fund

The Send A Kid to Camp campaign raises funds to enable youth who cannot pay to attend camps. Each camp is fully-integrated and therefore delivers an opportunity for youth to interact in a systematized environment. Camp sponsorship for one child is $150.  Where else can you give so much to a child for so little? Please consider this as a gift that you can give.  It will be a gift to your community and to an individual child.  In exchange, you can expect to receive an update once a year of all the kids your donation was able to help. Part of the camp program will be for all campers to summarize, what the camp week meant to them.  The beauty of these communications is that they will not distinguish between those whose parents wrote a check and the youth who were given a scholarship.  Thank you for considering a gift.  

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