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Manditory Concussion Training Program

How to complete mandatory Concussion Awareness training:


You will need up to 45 minutes to complete this. DO NOT START unless you have read to the bottom of these instructions AND you have 45 minutes. If you are interrupted, you will need to restart the tutorial from the beginning.


Don't use a mobile device for the tutorial. It won't work on the iPad (the videos need FlashPlayer), and it is very slow on other device types. Please use a wired desktop/laptop for the tutorial.


1. Set your browser to allow pop-ups from


2. Go to the Centers for Disease Control website, in the center of the page click on launch the online trianing course.


 3. Watch all 5 chapters of the tutorial. After each chapter, a short interactive test is given. After all videos a final test is given. If you watch the videos, you will pass the test!


 4. After completing the final test, a certificate is offered. The certificate is printable but not downloadable to a folder.


 Do NOT try to save the PDF- your personal information won't be saved in the PDF. Instead, in the blank provided, put both your full name AND your phone number. Then do the following:


 FIRST, print a copy of the certificate for your files. Someday you might need this in case you are helping with a school activity, a tournament, or another sports association.


 SECOND, let us know that you have completed the CDC tutorial. Choose one of the three methods below:




With the certificate as the "active" window, press at the same time the "Alt" key and the "Prt Sc" key. Then open your email software, open a new email, click on the body of the note, and then paste the certificate into the note. To paste, you either press Ctrl + V or go to the Edit button and look for the Paste command.




Microsoft Users: On newer versions of Windows/Vista, you click on the Print icon and the print menu pops up. In the upper left where you see Name, use the triangle to show a list of printers, and select Microsoft XPS Document Writer, then click OK. There will be a pop-up asking you to name the file (ex: HeadsUp Cert for Mickey Mouse), then click Save. The file will be saved in your Documents folder, and from there you can right-click on it and bring a copy to the coach/parent rep meeting or send by e-mail to


Apple Users: With Mac OS X, hold down the "command" and "shift" keys and then touch the "4" key and a cross-hair will appear. Move the cross-hair to the corner of the desired area, and using the left mouse key drag open a rectangle to cover the area needed, then release. A thumbnail of the image should appear on the desktop. You can bring a copy to the coach/parent rep meeting or send by email to our


If you can't create a file easily, you can send us a scan. Print the certificate, scan it to a file, then email the file to

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